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Tātahi Brand Philosophy 


Travel and Art Inspired

At Tātahi, we create home goods that are inspired by our vacation memories and art. Through the medium of our products, our vision is to explore simple ways to elevate every ordinary moment of life with our community.


Mindfully Produced

Carrying our respect to the nature and environment, we try our best to select our manufacturing partners and materials mindfully. We’d like to think that we are joining a force to re-imagine the next-generation lifestyle.


The Maker Story 

Tātahi is created by a New Zealand couple. Throughout their life journey prior to Tātahi, they have travelled to more than 50 countries and lived in 7 across the globe. Their professional experience deeply rooted in the luxury, fashion, and travel industries has inspired them to create Tātahi with the goal to bring what they love and have seen into simple moments for everyday life.


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