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Joanne Ho

Joanne Ho is an illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. She loves to paint colorful and fun scenes that depict places she would like to be at the moment - places that will instantly make it to your dream destination list as well. In one of her most iconic series “Swimming Pool”, she illustrated more than 100 swimming pools in different parts of the world that transport her audiences back to their fond travel memories, or evoke the desire to start planning their next trip.


Spain Pool

by Joanne Ho

More About
The Artist

“I just hope my artworks make you feel happy when you see them or brighten up the space whether it be your home or office.”

Joanne Ho
  • T:When did you start your art and creative journey?

    J:I was always into art and chose all the ‘arty’ subjects I could at school, painting, sculpture, design, fashion design, graphic design etc. I actually then studied architecture for 5 years at uni and during this time I was able to further explore more artistic subjects such as painting, drawing, scupture and design. At the time I worked part time at an art and design store and started creating my own artwork, which I then was able to sell here at this store, that is probably where it started.

  • T:Have you ever had any big challenges starting a career being an artist? What kept you going despite of all these challenges?

    J:I think the biggest challenge was to keep at it, I think I started painting and selling work in 2008, it took me a few years to find my style and because I was self taught both in the art as well as business side, it took persistence to now become a full time artist.

  • T:How would you describe the style of your artworks?

    J:I often describe my work as ‘where you would want to be right now’ or where I want to be. The style is quite illustrative, colorful and meant to be light hearted. No serious meaning behind each one, although some tell a little narrative or story they are meant to be enjoyed rather than have a big story behind each piece.

  • T:What are the narratives you’d like to share with your audience? or, what inspiration do you wish your audience will take away from your artworks?

    J:I just hope my artworks make you feel happy when you see them or brighten up the space whether it be your home or office.

Artwork photos from:@helobirdie_art